Prairie Project
By: Bailey Ulmer

Ratzlaff Memorial Prairie

The gentle breeze made the grass sway like a river. The quiet sound of the wind was so peaceful and calm, I could sleep in the prairie. The smell of the pine trees, fresh air and the weeds took me back to a happy childhood. Running my hand over all the grass made me feel like I was in a movie; the weeds moved with my hand and felted rough, but good on my fingers.

Connection to My Antonia

In "My Antonia" by Willa Cather, the characters said that they feel exposed because the environment is so open and not so enclosed like a town. I agree with these characters, the land is very vast and open. I wouldn't know what's it's like to move from the city to the country but I would probably feel the same way Antonia and the others did.

When the characters in the book commented on how there was very few trees, I also agree with them. All we see in Nebraska is basically fields. The farmers had to get rid of all the trees to make these fields.


Being in the prairie for just an hour was very relaxing. Lying in the grass, watching the beautiful light blue sky moving past was very calming. I don't understand how people can just plow it all down and forget it was ever there.



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My Antonia

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