Neon Cat

this is neon cat and I'm gonna tell you his story
  1. Once upon a time there was a cat not just any cat this was neon cat from Periodopia the land of the elements, now first there is one species of animal per element so there are 109 species. Neon cat shares many properties with the element of neon because well he is made up of pure neon! So yes he is a gas at room temperature. He lives in sector 2 sectors are also referred as their period but because he melts 24.15K he lives with the rest of the nobles in group 8 where it is -270K  they can stay has solid has they are stable. But sometimes his blood can really boil when this happens he gets as hot as 27.15K. But he has some friends he bonds nicely with like Helium cat (HeNe), Hydro cat (NeH), and his best friend Argon cat (NeAr). Now Neon cat has a job it's a night job he works in neon lights hence the name. Now Neon cat can be positive(ly charged), negative(ly charged), or neutral. This depends on the number of protons neutrons and electrons in him normally he is neutrally charged with ten protons, ten neutrons, and ten electrons ( 8 of which are valence), but when some one takes his protons he becomes mad,  sad , and all around "neagative". But there are few cool things about him such as the fact he has three stable isotopes, he was found in the wild by Sir Ramsay many years ago in 1898 so he is  very old ( he only has 5 lives left), lastly his name comes from the Greek word neos meaning young or youthful. So that is his story.

"A Guide To The Elements"  Albert Stwertka

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