By: Kaela Kosterman




27.8 million people

Type of Government

Federal democratic republic.

Leaders Name

Ram Baran Yadav

Type of Economy

Agricultural economy

Type of Currency

For every $1 in the Us it is $98.15 in Nepal.

Country's GDP per capita


Country's GDP rank in the world


Literacy rate

Male- 65.2% Female- 45.8%

Life Expectancy

Male-67 years Female- 69 years

Official Language  


Tourist Attractions

Mount Everest

Golden Gate


Important Historical Events

Birth of the Buddha Year- 0563 Jan 1. Lord Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is born in Nepal.

Nepali Civil War begins Year- 1996 Feb 6. The Nepals civil war was fought between Maoist Rebels and government forces.

Royal Massacre Year- 2001 Jun 1. Nine members of Nepals monarchy were killed by Prince Dipendra.

Current Event

Nepali Sherpa dead, Swiss injured in Avalanche.

Do you feel your country's economy is successful


What is one company located in your country

Salt Trading Corporation Limited.

Describe what that company does

the organization engaged itself in corporate activities such as trade, import, export, manufacturing (production), processing, supply and distribution of a vast diversity of goods and services.

What could your country do to improve their economy?

My country could help by providing materials to make houses and health clinics in some areas, of Nepal.

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