Nepal County Profile

🔹Nepal's capital city is Kathmandu and the country's official language is Nepali.

🔹Nepal has a population of 30,986,975 people.

🔹Nepal is a Representative Democracy with Ram Baran Yadav as head of state.

🔹Nepal has a capitalist economy where the people are allowed to own private businesses.

🔹Nepal's currency is the Nepalese Rubee which is equivalent to about 0.01 U.S. Dollar.

🔹Nepal's 104 in the world GPD ranking with about $1,500 per capital.

🔹Nepal's literacy rate is about 59% and the male/female life expectancy is 67/69.

🔹Nepal has many tourist attractions which include Mount Everest, Annapurna Range, and Golden Gate.

🔹Golden Gate is a beautiful ate embellished with presious stones where as Mount Everest and Annapurna Range have trekking rough t's with extraordinary views.

🔹Nepal has many extraordinary historical events some of which are when Great Britian acknowledged Nepal's freedom in 1923, when King Gyanendra dismissed the government saying it was corrupt and ineffectifve in October of 2002, and when lNepal signed a landmark peace agreement in November of 2006 with Maost rebels.

🔹Reacently on October 20, 2014 an avalanche was sparked and it ended up covering several climbing rough t's and killed an estimated 40 people, half of which were Nepalese.

🔹I feel that the Nepalese economy is struggling because it is the poorest country in South Asia and the 17th poorest country in the world with about 25% of the population living in poverty.

🔹One of the companies in Nepal is BPC Butwal Power Company Limited. This company has been developing hydroelectric power for Nepal since 1066.

🔹 One thing I would do or improve Nepal's economy would be to remote climbing more and lower the climbing permit fees so more people would come and buy climbing permits in Nepal. Also I would give better insurance to Sherlpas and porters to get more people working these important jobs.

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