The Moons Importance
Garrett Fultz
5th hour

The moons role is to make light for the night, high and low tides, and go through phases. The reason the moon seems to light up is because of the sun. There are two kinds of tides spring and neap tides. The moon goes through four phases. One is a crescent, gibbous, first and third quarter.

We have phases because the sun hits a certain spot on the moon and it causes the moon to appear different. There are different phase a gibbons, crescent, new moon, and full moon. This all occurs because of the sun and moon working together. When the sun and moon work together they can rate amazing things.

The tides occur based on the position of the moon. There are two types of tides. Spring, and neap tides. A neap tide is when all the tides are equal. A spring tide is when half is in high tide.

There are two types of eclipses solar and lunar. They occur because either the earth or moon blocks the sun from each other. A lunar, and solar eclipse can only occur during a new or full moon. Lunar is when the earth is blocking the sun from the moon. A solar eclipse is when the moon is blocking the sun from the earth.

The moon is important because of three reasons. Without the sun there would be no light during the night. No high or low tides. And no eclipses to look at. That's why the moon is important.

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