Energy:  Let's Not Get Hoodwinked

Energy is the ability to do work. Without energy, no work will be done. Personally, that happens a lot with me lately. Basically, you can divide Energy into two categories: Potential and Kinetic Energy.

Potential is stored energy and is based on position, so a skier at the top of a mountain has more potential energy than a skier at the bottom of the mountain.

A skier loses potential energy as they go downhill.

Kinetic Energy is the energy of movement. This movement can be of substances, particles, molecules, etc. As that same skier who had all that potential energy heads down the hill, they increase their kinetic energy.

This skier has gained in kinetic energy as he heads down the hill while also decreasing his potential energy.

Within the two categories of energy are different forms of energy. Stay tuned for another @Tackk soon that will discuss these along with Renewable and
Non-Renewable Energies.
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