NESTLE Water Scandal

A Civil Disobedience Class Project

A Life With No Clean Water

          Imagine living your life, plain and simple in the heart of California. But one twist, the supposed "golden state", doesn't allow you to receive clean water. So many big businesses are taking advantage of the public, not even thinking twice about how the common good might be affected.

There obviously is an ethical dilemma here with Nestle, but how do we fix it?

Do Not Buy Any More NestleProducts

Why should we not buy any more of Nestle's products? Because California along with many other states in the United States are in the middle of a serious drought, and why should a massive company have all rights on water which is a natural source? They are taking all the fresh water, bottling it up and charging massive amounts of money from consumers for it. Water is necessary to survive, so why is it ridiculously charged? Americans are not paying for the water, we are paying for the plastic that encases the water itself. This idea is unbelievable, extremely unethical, and should not be allowed.

Please help end this incredible scam that Nestle is putting on.

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