A day in the life of Mya!!!

every day before school starts I wake-up(have a sneaky chocolate),brush my hair, shower, brush my hair again, brush my teeth, get dressed, go downstairs for breakfast, and catch a bus to the bridge. Now that I have told you my routine let me make it a bit more fun for you!

this is me waking up and believe me I do not look as good as this! #lol

this would be me eating a chocolate bar #embarrassing !

this is my comb /brush for my hair (don't worry about the man in the wall)

me having a bath lol isn't this kitten cute?!!!

this is my comb to do my hair...again with #getsannoyingbythispiont.

brush my teeth then I have a pack of chewing gum !!! lol

me in my uniform... not she's just a model

me having breakfast.

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