The population of the world is a problem .


In this tack  you will learn why 7 billion people is a problem.

little link

Check out a link to all of the people in the world above.

Why are some places more crowed than others?

Now here is 3 reasons why it,s crowed.One reason is if you live in Mexico and your family live in California and you go there it will be more crowed.My 2nd reason is if a bunch of people at New york city are driving it causes people in a car accident.My last reason is if it,s a crowed it causes lines . In shops.


Check out a video here about population!

Problems .

Now here is some problems .One if you have a contagious disease  and your crowed  you pass it on .Overcrowding can lead to  starvation.


Higher population has more job opportunities.

map of density

Here is a map of density the most red means crowed not that much like white are not crowed.So India China are really crowed!


Growth started  at zero and  then 7billion !At the end of the century it will be 10billion.

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