Leaders in Clinical-Study Image Analysis Techniques

About NeuroRx

A leader in MRI-activity management for clinical trials, NeuroRx Research has worked on projects in many regions of the world. By sharing its expertise in MRI technology, NeuroRx helps to facilitate the trials of drugs designed to treat serious neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

The medical imaging techniques the company uses are advanced and designed to provide precise, reliable results. For example, NeuroRx performs highly-accurate 3D analyses that are designed to properly relate data to structures that span multiple 2D MRI slices. Its sophisticated techniques aid in measuring volume changes, such as atrophy of whole brain or specific brain structures, as also in making precise lesion-related measurements. By providing imaging services that are designed to be accurate and precise, NeuroRx provides its clients with an important service.

In addition to using advanced technology in MRI imaging, NeuroRx provides a variety of related services. For example, it uses its expertise to aid in site setup and supervision, as well as to provide assistance with MRI study protocol development and the reporting of MRI data. NeuroRx’s team of experts also provide project personnel with advanced MRI training.