Pest Problem in Singapore: Bed Bugs in Cinema

Many moviegoers claimed that they have been leaving cinemas with more than just tremble down their spine after finding themselves being covered by bed bugs. Many have alerted others to bed bugs under the seat cushion by taking photos from their phones. Some cinemas have admitted that they are infected with bed bugs and the pest removal board of Singapore has stated that they may not be alone in that kind of situation.

Recently many people who went to watch a movie in cinemas reported feeling uncomfortable during the screening while some other have also complained of itchiness in the body. Some have also felt bed bugs moving around their seat. Even though the cinema management assured they have done something for pest removal, the situation has still not improved.

Most of cinemas are set to install new seats after getting more and more complaints of bed bugs. They guarantee that they will do regular check every week and clean the rooms after every show. What’s more, they will offer compensation to customers.

Many cinemas in Singapore have faced such problem and the pest removal board of Singapore has agreed that the bed bug problem is widespread. One of the employees of pest removal board of Singapore said that bed bugs are common problem in cinemas since there is a dark environment, many crevices and warm blood.

Pest removal board has taken the issue seriously and has also issued certain guidelines to be followed for the cinema management to ensure proper cleanliness and healthier environment is maintained inside the cinemas. The board has also increased the regular checks in such places to eradicate the problem. Moviegoers are advised to check their seats and if found any inconvenience, just repore to cinema officials.