I thought I was the last

Feylumina Lozon

There is a new Blessing in our family back from 2009 upto now

a 7 lbs. baby girl just came out to see tomorrow's sunshine

I enjoyed being the youngest in our family for 12 years. On the month of March of the year 2009, my mother become pregnant of what we thought was a baby boy.

This baby was a typhoon baby, it was in my mother's womb when the Ondoy tragedy happened. It was an unforgettable moment, we spent 17 hours at our neighbor's roof with more or less 50 persons during that time, that includes adults and children of different ages. She was quiet inside not like any other days that I could see my mother's tummy moving, it's amazing and sometimes scary, but knowing that there's a baby inside - it awesome.

Because of the typhoon our house was filled with mud and water which sent us to our grandmother's in Manila where my mama gave birth at the Chinese General Hospital. That most exciting day when they said my mama just got home from the hospital with our new baby sister, I ran immediately upstairs where they are resting. The feeling when I saw my new baby sister was just so overwhelming.

Proud Parents
Wheng & Rey

It's kinda blur.. But just the moments being captured, it'll do for now

Now a 4 years old healthy baby girl is going to school and is doing good. Making friends, learning more it's just surprisingly fast that its already been 4 years. :)