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New Search Capabilities

You can now search for Tackks! Hmm, what? Hokay so... previously you were searching for #tags, which led you to Tackkboards. Now you can just search for music and you'll be shown Tackks, Tags & Users relevant to your search.


  • Literally every single thing about the "board" pages & search results.


  • No longer able to follow tags or combo boards.
  • “Related Tags” view is no longer available.
  • User boards are now at /@username instead of /board/@username
  • The Feature board tab list can now feature Users or Tags, and can be added/removed in seconds.
  • We now show 24 Tackks per page, instead of 20.
    • This is because the max number of Tackks per-row is now 4 and 24 is evenly divisible by 1, 2, 3, and 4, so there are always full rows.
  • As you scroll, it keeps track of the current page in the address bar, so if you refresh or send the link to a friend, it will take you to the same place.
    • When this happens it displays a “Load Previous” button/link to load the previous page if you want.
  • When available, there is always a “Load More” button/link at the bottom of the Tackkboard.
    • This is there only for search engines, since it automatically loads more when you scroll, the user will never have a chance to click it.
  • All Tabs/Buttons have been turned into actual links, so search engines can click on them.
  • EVERY public Tackk can now be found by search engines through the Tackkboard (as long as it hits the latest board…which is in the sitemap).
  • Every board now has an info-bar, including the Follow Feed, Featured, and Latest boards.
  • SPEED!!! It is WAY faster.
  • Search!!!!
  • The "back" of the tackkcards have been removed.
    • All options are available upon hover without needing to "flip" the card.
    • You can no longer edit tags from the tackkcard
  • Litebox was updated.
  • "Activity" tab was removed. 3 remain: Tackks, Following, Followers.
  • Find / Invite Friends tab moved out to main profile page (on /@username)
  • User "cards" styles updated ... Go to Following/Followers to see.

And many more minor updates to improve the experience...

Created by @pasto