New! Share a Book Initiative

August 5 post from Pernille on the Global Read Aloud blog:

Just a reminder for all you who are new:

I don’t think there is much that beats receiving an unexpected package. After all, the possibility of what could be inside is tantalizing in itself. Yet, when an unexpected package brings a new book into my hands…pure bliss. Every year of the Global Read Aloud, people have wondered what they could to to push the connections they make further. Usually, I stay our of their way and have shied away from doing anything official. But this year, our 5th Global Read Aloud year, I am ready to take the plunge…

Introducing: The Share a Book Initiative!

Once again, it is a very simple idea, inspired by an unexpected book arrival from Uganda. All I am hoping (because you do not have to do this) is that once you you start to connect with your chosen school (s), you will send them a book (chapter or picture) that reflects your region, city, state, country, whatever area you choose, or somehow has a connection with where you are. This way, your students will have to think about which book to send, and the receiving students get a slice of what life is like where you live. (You can even send one to me if you feel like it).

You do not have to do this. Not everyone can or will. But if you do, I promise it will add another layer to your connections and global understanding. And why not spread more great books among us? After all, books are some of the most powerful connection bringers we have, why not use them for good?