Lion-Tailed Macaque

Miciah Carter & Kaylee Martinez
7th period

The lion-tailed macaque is 42 - 61 centimeters long and their tail is 25 centimeters long an adult is 2 - 10 kg it lives about 20 years in the wild. Its called the lion- tailed macaque because its mane is like a lion. The lion- tailed macaque in the rainforest of south India .  Seeds, fruit, nuts, & insects are apart of its daily diet . Some creatures that eats the lion-tailed macaque are big cats and other larger monkeys. The lion-tailed macaque is endangered because of the loss of habitat. Its also endangered because of hunting . Because of this, there is not even 2,500 of this species left in the world. The level of endangerment is EN (endangered).

Lion- tailed macaque climbing a tree

The lion- tailed macaque has to be 8 years old to have babies they usually have 1 at a time.