Newburgh Theological Seminary

A Leading American Ministry School

About Newburgh Theological Seminary

Newburgh Theological Seminary (NTS) is one of America’s leading schools in ministry education. With 3,500 students currently enrolled, it is among the largest seminary schools in the world. Not only is Newburgh Theological Seminary one of the largest programs of its kind, but it is also the fastest growing - enrollment increased from zero to its current size in just 10 years. The student body is highly diverse, including men and women of all denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life. Students currently range in age from 25 to 94.

NTS is not only valued for its affordable education, but for the variety of paths it makes available. Students may choose from a variety of programs, and earn their degrees at an individualized pace. Participants in the program can choose from a myriad of Christ-centered degrees, including those in evangelism, church growth, pastoral ministry, or theology. Students can also earn both doctors of philosophy and doctors of theology.

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