Starting a Newsletter

A simple approach

Why Tackk?

Wether you are a resident assistant trying to boost student involvement on the floor, or you are an elementary school teacher trying to keep families involved and informed about classroom events, Tackk is a great tool to use. I have created newsletters for my housing complex at Ohio University, and have had great success and positive feedback. Below are a few simple steps to follow.

1. Identify the need!

Newsletters should always be concise and purposeful, with a little bit of "fluff." Identifying the main use and purpose will keep the necessities concise and organized.

2. Delegate!

Use the involvement of others to your advantage. As an RA, I use other RAs for calendars, and residents for creative writing and art submissions. The bulk of the work is then putting all of the pieces together.

3. Create and Share!

Tackk is a beautifully simple tool for the common person with a story to share. It offers an easy interface to navigate and create, and also boasts features like easy email and web sharing as well as tagging to keep your content organized. Get creative with colors, fonts, and pictures! Make your newsletter something worth reading.