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Technicians and utility workers will appreciate the quality of construction that our professional grade barrel lock meter keys have. All in a modern compact design that is secure, tough, durable, reliable, gap free and stainless - steel.  These pro keys are water tight and will not rust or wear out. We stand behind every sale and back all sales with a guarantee that your key will work as advertised. Fast shipping with overnight and same day shipping available upon request. Having sold hundreds upon hundreds of barrel lock meter keys and cylinder lock meter keys, we are your one-stop online source for the widest array of meter keys on the Internet.

In addition, we offer some of the most highly informative instructional videos available for anyone wishing to learn more about how to properly use a barrel lock electrical meter key or other utility meter or cylinder key. As can be seen in the video presented here on the the high security key N.Y. These keys are unique in that they are extra heavy duty and will last a lifetime. We are guaranteed to have each and every specific key for any utility company in the country.

New York Meter Keys offer technicians and utility workers the right tool for the task at hand. NY electrical panel meter keys are designed to work to exactingly high standards. Each key is precision built and intended for a specific type lock and others use region specific locks that vary by both state and utility company. NYC workers and technicians - We have the right key for the work that you do. Contact us today at 951-351-2020.

Only accept the high security key

The Key NYC is the key of choice for barrel locks and cylinder locks found on typical used throughout the greater New York Metropolitan area. Fast shipping and responsive support is what we offer.

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