My Wish-List of Features in the Next iPhone

Apple’s iPhone 6 came and conquered. Not only did it sport a larger screen, faster processing and an overhauled UI, it impressed customers with new features like the integration of Apple Pay and Apple Passbook for swift payments on-the-go!

However, the Apple iOS interface is still far from perfect! It will take ages until Apple does something to reach the level of perfection that Android is currently at!

However, here are some features we would like to see included in the next iPhone – iPhone 7.

1) A Smaller Screen

To be honest, iPhone 6 is a little large to hold! The iPhone 5S is the perfect size and is good enough for most apps. Larger screens hog more battery and can be counterproductive if you have smaller hands.

2) Wireless Charging

What better than to charge your phone without the hassle of connectors and cables? The same charger can work for the Apple Watch too if Apple goes for a standard charger for all its devices.

3) 16GB Models Should Be Stopped!

Most people didn’t get iOS8 for one reason since they didn’t have enough free space for the humongous 5.7GB over-the-air update! It is time that the 32 GB and 64 GB models are standardized and the 16 GB model be bid a farewell!

4) iPhone 6’s Camera

The iPhone doesn’t need any updates to its camera anymore! iPhone 6’s camera is perfect just the way it is!

5) More RAM!

Since most 64-bit apps need more RAM iOS 9 or 10 should run better with 2 GB of ram on-board.

6) Better Body That Does Not Slip!

The aluminum casing is too slippery! It is time to switch over to a rubberized or brushed surface.

7) Better Battery Life

Well, this is something every Apple user would want! Larger mAh batteries are needed for more multitasking all day long.

8) Force Touch and Haptic Engine

Similar to the MacBook, this feature will be lovely as a nice secondary feedback during typing.

9) Clear All Notifications In One Go!

This something that Android has, since its inception, but Apple simply doesn’t want to include in any iOS version! God knows why!

10) Night Theme

The Apple Watch has it and now it is time that iPhone’s get it too! Not only will it save battery power, reading iBooks and navigating maps will become easier. The phone will look cooler too!

These are some features we wish the next iPhone ships with especially if it wants to take back its market share from Android!

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