Types of games!

There are many types of games in the world.

List of game types and what they are.

1. Real time startgy (RTS) -Is a game type that you have to micro mange for example ( Supreme Commander)These types of game have been programmed on C++ or Java.This game you have to build an units to defend and building to make the income that builds the units.

2.massive multiplier online (mmo) - This game type allows people to go and play with hundreds of people around the world for example World of warcraft. These types of games are made on C++,  Python or Visual Basic. This game is were you get to go around an massive world that with people from all other the world completing quests and missions

3.Action- This is more for the violet people would like for example call of duty or battle filed.  These game normally have a large online support. these game use a Advanced code like C++ or

4.Adventure This game type is more for people that like to find things. For example slender which is a sort of horror as well. its about finding pages in the woods before slender find you and kills you.

5. first person shooter (FPS) - This type of game normal give you a gun and lets you be the person with the gun. This means that you are the character and looking though there eyes. A good example of this is Payday 2. Or payday the Heist. In this game you are a robber that is still to make the big bucks though robbing local cash machines to the BIG heavily reinforced steel Vaults. These game are personal favorite after many hours of playing them.

6.Arcade - These game you normal seen in arcades but for a computer there are old time classics such as Space Invaders or Pac,man . These are old and basic games they used to use an assembly language (usually Zilog Z80A or, occasionally, 6502.) Pacman was a  game were you played as a small circle that ate small orbs which being chased by ghosts

7.plat-former - These types of game are normal 2D rather than 3D and are based around jumping puzzles. A old time classics is Mario This game is were you jump from platform to platform trying to save the princess. Donkey Kong This is made by the same people as Mario but this time you go up the level not across 

8.indie - These game are made from random people that are just starting the gaming Dev world. For example Kerbal space program and Sol 0. These can become early access but ones that we love not hate. Kerbal space program is a game were you send people to space. It allows you to go to a somewhat smiler solar system to ours.

9.Early access - Early access game or Hell games are new game that are still in the making. These types of game normal have lots of updates and make people very unhappy. For example Fraction space and planetary annihilation. These types of game us any programing languages. Fraction space is a game that is a big space battle that you have upto 10 people at the moment. It has been made in unreal.

10. Open world - These game mean you have an open area and your not restricted to a small area. For example GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V), minecraft. Minecraft is run though java with is a technology program. The game is about mining and building there is no real ending for minecraft only the ender-dragon but after you kill it the game doesn't end you just free to do what you want. GTA V is a made though C-like or python. The game is about 3 people trying to get money though way that normally can't get. 

what types of platforms.

there are not many types of gaming platform or styes. For example there is Computer, PlayStation 1,2,3 and 4 there the Xbox ,360 and one the will and will U Nintendo entertainment system, Nintendo game cub and many more. 

positive impacts of gaming on society

Positive impacts on society is that you can make new friends around the world because of the way gaming has been build to be online and multilayer. This is a good thing because when you meet player around the world and make new friends. This would make its easier for them to make friends in real life because they have been able to talk to different cultured people from all around the world.

Negative impacts of gaming on society

There are negative impacts of gaming in society is that there are certain people out there that want to do harm to other. There has been a resent event were a 18 year old person has made friends with a 14 year old then was invited round to there house the  younger person then surfed and was later killed by the older person. The negative side of gaming is small compared to the positive side of gaming on society. 

Gaming development areas

There are many different area that are used to build and develop game. They can use engine or just scripting the game. Using an engine is more easier to use because there are tutorials online and you don't away have to develop your own texture you can use the ones that have been made for that engine. Some engine like unreal make it easy to program by make a blueprint which allows you to easily program character or object.There are also augmented reality. This is like a computer but closer to te real world. It is currently in real time. For example say if you were looking at a village on a hill with youre phone camera it will realise were you are and can get information about the village you care looking at. The ocouls rift is a virtual realiy headset it progects the images that you would see on youre monitor to two little monitors in youre headset. When you turn youre head the monitor send a single down to the computer and move the images in youre headset givin it a more reallistic feeling. 

Compering different types of games

The different types of games genres. There are many types of game genres and platforms. Most big chain company's us all types of platforms for example Bethesda software us PlayStation and Xbox but there many focus  point is computer. We know this from the wide range of graphics feature's on the computer top the one or two setting that are on the consoles. They have also put more controls and animations on the keyboards for example you can change the binds of buttons to equipped certain weapons at a time. Then there are company that perfore console like Treyarch That focus on console and minimize the graphics. and amount of controls they have.