7 Marketing Ideas Every Restaurant Should Try

Useful Marketing Ideas you should try for your restaurant

Your restaurant may serve the best food in town but nobody will know about how great your menu is without proper marketing strategies. These top seven marketing ideas will surely help boost your business’ name and drive more customers to try your top-class cuisine.

Unlimited servings

All-You-Can-Eat buffets are a great deal for most guests since they have unlimited access to food with a fixed amount. It is also a wise strategy to promote less-popular dishes, along with house favorites and specialties. The restaurant can also allot a day for free-flowing drinks or desserts. For instance, if Tuesday is a day where customers are scarce, serve unlimited desserts for every meal purchase to entice them to drop by your restaurant. Put up a sign outside to advertise the promo and also spread the word through social media.

Play it by ear

They say music is therapy, and it certainly is after a long day at work. Restaurants owners can consider inviting live bands every weekend night to play, while customers take a hearty serving of dinner or a light toast of alcoholic beverage. Artists who already have a following can bring more customers to your restaurant while tapping local indie bands to play regularly can also be an option since they charge lower.

If bringing in live bands is too grand, you can still give customers an extra good time by providing good food with equally good music. Create a playlist for the day with a solid theme. You can also make use of the fad Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday by playing popular songs during, for instance, the ‘80s or the ‘90s.

Take stock of your surroundings

Introduce your restaurant to nearby offices and businesses and establish a good relationship with them. Surrounding offices are the best target market especially during lunchtime when most employees are only given a limited time to eat. Once you’ve made your restaurant known to them, they will try your dishes and will become regular customers if they like the food and service.

Also, if you are going to serve lunch to a customer who eats daily in your restaurant, it would be nice to offer variety and not just stick with the usual menu. Serve them the soup-of-the-day or different salads for every day of the week.

Exclusivity of use

Make your place a venue for celebrations, business meetings, parties, or for like-minded people to gather. Have it rented for the whole day or for a specific number of hours to allow guests to feel the exclusivity they are looking for. Invite organizations or clubs to get-together especially if you are targeting a certain crowd as regular customers.

If your restaurant is serving Asian cuisine, host events for the Asian community in your neighborhood or cater to wedding receptions for fine dining restaurants. It is a good way of attracting the right crowd and establishing a name in your desired niche.

The more, the merrier!

Eating is a way of bonding for almost all people, and you should be the top-of-mind restaurant when big groups plan to eat out. Offer a discount for every group of 6 persons or make the sixth person’s meal free. A set menu that is good for a number of persons can also be a good strategy to offer customers the restaurant’s specialty dishes. Free services, like using a small function room for companies’ lunch meetings or giving discounts for rentals of projectors for every group of ten, can also be utilized.

Bring cheer to the holidays

Birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays – these are special occasions which call for a celebration. Restaurants can give special treatment to customers who are celebrating milestones like giving a small gift to a mom on mother’s day or singing a happy birthday song to a birthday celebrant. It is a simple gesture of making that day a memorable one for customers.

Decorating the venue according to the occasion is also a plus since most people will probably have their picture taken inside your restaurant to preserve their precious memories. Setting the mood and ambience by selecting the appropriate color, motif, and accessories can go a long way in promoting your business as the go-to restaurant.

Unleash your creativity

Customers aren’t just looking for a place to eat in but a place to enjoy eating. Ambience plays a big part in satisfying the customers and making their visit an experience. Simple details and gimmicks can actually make customers stay and come back.

Instead of putting condiments in bottles or saucers, why not become a little creative and place them in wooden spoons? You can also customize placemats by allowing guests to doodle on it, write personalized notes on a to-go bag, provide photobooth services, or let kids sprinkle toppings on do-it-yourself cupcakes. The possibilities are endless!

So which of these are you willing to try? Share it by leaving a comment below.

About the author: Gabby Roxas: Gabby Roxas is a business writer and content marketing strategist. Gabby has a background in business, marketing and design.