Facebook expressing "place"

By Alexandria Hilgart

There are many things that a person can do on Facebook. I for one like to use it to keep in touch with old friends, upload and share pictures, and have it as a way to get into contact with someone. Little did I realize that through out my news feed, my added friends show place all the time through pictures, and tagging in statuses.

People take pictures of everything, just to be able to upload it to their Facebook page.  I can admit, I am one of these people. I upload pictures of friends and family, animals being cute, and creative things. Since many other people do the same, I have noticed that these pictures, show us place. The pictures can be of people at the place or of the actual place. You can see if they are indoors or out. You can see the setting from picture's elements. Is it in a house? Restaurant? Car? All of these give us an idea of "place."

Another way that I have noticed people expressing place is is through tagging statuses. People will make a status of where they are or where they are going. In the status, they have the chance to high-lite the name of the place, sending you to a link of more information about that place. This is the best way to express place. You can directly see where the place is and get more info on it. From that link/page, you can see more pictures and statuses. All of these factors can give any idea, object or event a "place."

From these "places," you can determine more information upon yourself. Does this place interest you? Would you ever want to go to this place? Do you want to know more? These are all questions someone could ask themselves after noticing statuses and pictures on a Facebook news feed.

In conclusion, the feeling of "place," is especially expressed through social media, such as Facebook. I can see, through my own account, a news feed that allows friends and family to show me place. They show me pictures, settings, and actually statuses of locations.

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