Golden Age


Coaxial cable is a pure copper or copper-coated wire sorronded by insulation and aluminu covering and used to transmint televison.The purpose for the coaxial cable was to transmint televison.The first "experiment".The lines were laid by ATandT,and they were laid between new york and philadelpa in 1936.In 1946 Peter Goldmark invented the tv.This system produce color pictures by having a red-blue-green wheel spiner in front of a cathorderay tube.This is what some people brought to televison,Entrepreneur: Sarno and Alan Dumont,representives for the entrepreneurs,Creative Artist Arthur Miller and Paddy Chayevky introduce americans to high drama in programs like krakt theater,studio one and the actors studio, in 1947,and Journalist :John Cameron Swage introduce america to weekday news programming viacamel newsread theater in 1948.RCA David Sarnfoff used his company exhibt as a showcase for the first presidental speech on Televison.Western  Union put up the obtribution system transmited communication signals via radio along a seirs of towers.There were 9 to48 commercial stations that existence from 1945-1948, 8 to 23 cites had commercial televison service , in 1960,440  commercial vhf sations and 75 uhf stations ,and 85% of US households had a tv set.

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