Heavily Constructed And Simplistic Style Of Citizen Promaster Watches

Do anything you want to, the Citizen Promasters won’t let you down! While that might sound like one egomaniacal silverback thumping his chest, but reality says glorifying the Promasters are really an understatement. So its better we avoid doing that and look into the plus points instead to reveal what the heavily constructed and simplistic style of Citizen Promaster watches have on offer. That’s to say, it’s a lot of sensible bling, both for the average Joe and the hardcore Pro. This gives the Promaster a free pass valid from the director’s chamber to Chinatown,

Not just the Eco-Drive (light-powered quartz movement); Citizen Promaster also embraces high-end mechanical movements for many of its Dive watches at a price you might as well consider a steal! The Promaster proves mid-range watches can be interesting too, both their ana-digi and fully analog range.

It won’t be an exaggerration to consider the Womens citizen watches as the initiator of the Ana-Digi Renaissance. From the Aqualand Chrono to the Attesa, all score sky-high in the quartz domain and takes the sporty definition to soaring new heights. But at the same time, it doesn’t cross the affordable mark and if you want something junky and chunky, you get that too in the collection. If one watch can trump the Luminox Navy Seal, it’s the Promaster Aqualand.

Promaster-s are noted for their features and functions alike; just who else would give you a digital calender with a depth meter and a digital chrono all within the same package and that too at this low a price? It’s a KING of a watch to the person who goes to the depths, for the last thing it is going to turn you anxious with – if at all – is their accuracy.

Next comes the CITIZEN ‘ZILLAS – Autozilla and Ecozilla – the leader of all the atomic monsters from the Citizen stable. These ProMasters have enough brawn to deserve those bestial nicknames and not just the oversized cases which you might think. The Autozilla – as the name suggests – is a mechanical automatic (Miyota) in Duratect titanium (it’s harder) designed to withstand a water pressure up to 1,000 meters. Its novel, latching mechanism is a cool feature that allows easy removal of the bezel (one simple step) for field cleaning. And unless you have seen the glow of its lume, you don’t know what a glow is all about! Sadly, it’s no longer in production, so if you can get your hands on one, buy it eyes sewn shut.

The Ecozilla is its smaller cousin running on Citizen womens watches in either titanium or steel and a professional diving tool with a lot of thought behind it. But its equally monstrous; if you have hots for substantial (in either way) watches, you won’t be able to turn away from one!