Learning to Teach
Day 16: Review Day

Today was the first review day for the unit test which will be taking place tomorrow. As I was discussing with my host teacher. If I was going designate a review day, I would have to plan for review day's in the future. This means a day less for instruction, however I feel that review days really are for the student. Also I get a chance to explain or teach the students things that I might have though I did a very good job in the past.

The set up of the review day I thought was an interesting and fun way to get the students involved. All students needed to participate and in most classes, the all became involved in the spirt of competition, also when they found out that the winning team gets 2 bonus points on their tests.

However, what I found while was doing the review game, I was asking questions that were from the test, and a lot of the students seemed to be drawing a blank and needed to discuss with each other about the questions.

While I expected some questions to be that way, I did not expect that to be all of them. One thing that I took away from this day was that I can not just expect something to go well. Also that I need to do more review through out my lessons. We will see on the test tomorrow how the students will do.

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