Poetry Elements-grade 6 - Taylor and Kenzie

Where the side walk ends

This poem is a alliteration. Alliteration in this poem is en's. Alliteration is the repeating sounds at the end or begining of words in the poem.

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funny simile poems

this poem is a simile poem. It uses the words ''like'' and ''as''. A similie compares two diffrent things.

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rhythm poem

This poem uses rhythm. Rythm is a beat or a pattern in a poem. When you read the poem, the beat that you say your words with is your rythm .

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Assonance poems

Assonance is when a consonant in a poem repeats in the middle or end end the word. In this poem the ai repeats itself in the middle of the poem.

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Rhyme is when words have the same end sound in a poem.


Repetition is when you repeat a word in a poem for it affect .

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