Juelz Santana

Dionte Little

La-Ron James is his real name. He is mixed with black and Dominican. His mom is black and his dad is Dominican. He is a rapper and has been around since 2001. He made a great impact to the rap game. He also is a active actor. He stared in Killa Season, State Property 2, The Project, & Video Girl.

Juelz Santana was born February 18, 1982 and was born in Harlem, NY

1. Juelz Santana always had a passion for rap and acting

2. Juelz Santana went to Washington heights for his High school Career.

3. Juelz Santana did not finish High School.

In 2000, he made a guest performance for Cameron on a song ( A huge artist in New York ). They liked what they saw ans signed him to the label called " Dip-set".

Juelz Santana got famous right out his hometown.

1. Juelz was 18 when he first got famous.

2. He mad his own label called " Skull gang"

3. He did songs with stars like Lil Wayne, young jeezy, future, jada kiss, and Wiz khalifa.

4. Juelz is a lyrical artist nothing like the rappers now in this age.

5. Juelz made 4 hit songs and 3 mix-tapes which made it to the top of the bill boards.

I choose Juelz Santana because he is on of my favorite artists that have his own label. This rappers now speak a lot of mambo jumbo. Juelz can actually rap, him and a few other old rappers any still be able to keep the rap game in check, because at this point rap sucks. He has kids and a wife, I don't know if he cheats but by the look of the pictures they are all good. His kids look happy and so does Juelz. He was able to meet a lot of famous people and make a decent amount of money. I have been listening to his music since in was young so that's what inspired me to do this project on him.

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