Best Dog Bowls for Hiking & Camping

We are fortunate to live under an hour from Pisgah National Forest, home to some of the best hiking, camping, and water fall dunking in the country. When the weekend hits, we head straight for the woods. Our adopted Pitbull Terrier mix, Duncan, didn't grow up hiking and camping, so transitioning him to the trail has been a process.

Recently, we spent a day in Pisgah hanging out by the Davidson River with friends who have raised their black lab, Maxim, to be an Adventure Dog from birth. At lunch time they busted out the coolest trail-friendly dog food and water system I have ever seen.

Both bowls are from Ruffwear, and are uniquely designed to meet the needs of both pets and pet parents. Many may be familiar with Ruffwear's original, all purpose Bivy Bowl which can be used for both food and water. While the Bivy is a great all purpose bowl, I love the unique design of the Cinch and the Bivy Bota. Here's why:

1) The Cinch makes it easy to transport food right inside, rather than having to carry an extra container.

2) The Bivy Bota keeps water fresh as you only dispense water incrementally.

3) Like the original, these specialty bowls use FDA approved, waterproof fabric. They are also totally collapsible & crushable so they won't get beat up in your pack.

4) Heights are adjustable since some dogs don't like eating from deep bowls.

Both bowls are available at many local hiking stores, and can also be found at for $29.95.

What's your favorite dog food/water system for hiking and camping?