Hornblende mineral

by shelby

Hornblende Rock


*Shape ans Structure- Acicular clusters or needle thin crystal aggregates

*Chemical Formula- Ca2(Ma,Fe)4Al(Si7Al)O22(OH,F)2

*Chemical name/list of elements- Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Aluminum, Sillcon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Florine

Hornblende Rock


*Color- Black to Dark Green

*Density-  3.2

*Luster- Viterous to Dull

*Hardness- 5-6

*Streak- Brown to Gray

*Fracture/Cleavage- Uneven; Is Imperfect in Two Directions

*Special/Unique Characteristics- Large Crystals Have an Almost Striated or Grainy Appearance

mineral groups

* Silicates

* it is the largest, most complicated, most interesting class of minerals by far

* made up of SiO4

Quartz and Olivine

uses & importance

*Decoration, Dimension stone

*Is not a gemstone, and no commerical uses

*Does not have to be processed to get the element/elements out of the mineral in order to use those elements


*In geologic enviroments, and in igneous and metamorphic rocks

*New Jersey, Idaho, Canada, and Japan

Hornblende Rock


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