The Margle Sword

Maggie Reid

The Margle will consist of a blade like the one on this samurai sword. Long, curved and single sided edge.  

Lutel early medieval sword 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

The sword I created will also include this simple designed, but effective handle. This handle will help to establish grip, and the bar will help to protect the users hand.

This sword is unique to it's user, because it can only be used in battle by the one to pull the sword out of the rock, located in a cave somewhere in the depths of the woods of Burrilville.

It's User

This sword was built to suit the first user who takes it out of the rock. It doesn't prove to be affective with any other user who tries to use the sword after it has already been removed.


This sword, named the Margle, has yet to be used in any battles. The reason for it not being used in battle yet is that it still remains encased in the rock in the small place named Burrillville.


Scabbard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The markings on this sword signify that the sword will only be helpful to the one who takes it out of its enclosing in the rock. The jewels on the casing signify the luck that this sword will bring to its user.

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