NFL Career


Each player has their own job description ranging from quarterback, center, receiver, to tight-end. For example the quarterback takes a snap from the center, then throws the football to an open receiver or tight-end. Then the tight-end or receiver catches the football makes a completion and runs toward their teams end-zone to score.

Required Skills

Skills players are required to have is strength, speed, and coordination. These skills are required, because each player needs this for conditioning, timing, and mental readiness. Football is made of many skills that are used in this sport. For example the player has to be mentally ready form the moment the game is started till the game is over.

Educational Requirements

Unlike hockey, and baseball college football is required in order to get drafted. Most junior's who make it to the NFL don't finish their degrees. Requirements to get in the NFL are 3-4 years of college ball.


Minimum wage for professional football is $375,000, one of the highest paid player is Payton Manning at $23 million a year.

Future Outlook

This career will be around for a while as long as more people play this sport.


Benefits consist of fitness, conditioning, and strengthening.

Similar Careers

Coaching is an other career in professional football that can be an option for those who love the game and don't make it into the NFL.

Why I picked this career

I love the sport and will always want to play football.

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