By: Ryan H.

To kick off, a worker takes a cowhide (about 20’ by 20’) put in on a table and cut hole shaped like on side of a Football with a special cutting tool. Next they sew three side of the Football together by hand. The next step makes the Football start to look like a Football, the bladder (what holds the air) is now inserted. The fourth side is now carefully sewn on by hand.

The next step is for the football to hold its shape, a worker puts two times the recommended amount of air in the ball. They then hold it there for 30 - 45 seconds to make sure it holds, this is also a quality test. After this the worker releases half of the air and put the ball into a bin.

Now to lace em’ up, a worker carefully makes two slits on either side of the ball, making sure to not pusher the bladder and ruin the ball. They now tie on the laces into the slits and put the ball into another big bin.

Next the only automated parts happen the brand logo and information is pressed into the ball. The final step is boxing and shipping. They are now ready to go on the playing field.