Math Monday Provocations


  • Agenda
  • Introduction: Charles Myton and Simmi Kalia
  • Contact Information:
  • Email :,
  • Twitter @MrMyton, @simmikalia
  • Link :
  • Feel free to Tweet throughout the workshop  #NFOLN
  • Devices: IPads,
  • Minds On: Share feeling about integrating technology in Math “Four Corner Activity”
  • Math Provocation Initiative at Sunny View
  • Format of Math Monday
  • Action:


    “which picture best describes your comfort level when you were a student of mathematics?” Four corner activity then share your thoughts...

    Math Monday Format

    Math Monday 3 Part Lesson

  • Digital Announcement on Monday Morning
  • When students enter the classroom they will have a math problem to activate their math thinking and to initiate math talk using Mathematical Process
  • They get whole week to discuss and explore solutions
  • Effective Questions :

    "What gives anyone the right to take away from 8? Why should 8 be the diminished to the lower value of 5 just to satisfy someone's obsession with math?"

    Add your Math Provocation Question to this Padlet

    Debrief Examples:

    Debrief using Digital Apps: Explain Everything

  • Making student thinking using digital apps
  • Like Kahoot, Nearpod, Socreative , Educationist
  • Explain Everything ( Going from paper to Paperless)
  • Sharing using Edmodo class site Math Monday Folder
  • Class discussion Airplay using apple TV
  • Assessment for, as and of Learning Strategies

    Debrief strtegies for assessment of learning.

    Share questions, feedback  on the following link or Tweet on #NFOLN

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