Divining Divinity

We Are Probably All Oracles

I recently interviewed a medium for a story. She was gentle, soft-spoken, and admittedly very low-tech – struggling just to navigate to the coffee shop where we met. She didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know or suspect about her craft, but it started me churning on my own quest to wrap my brain around something so foreign and magical. Since I am a science chick at my core, I found myself flopping in and out of math, science and logic. And I think my final flop was out. What follows is a disjointed rambling of thoughts, feelings and facts that are swirling around in my head after this interview.

A medium is the conduit that receives information from the Other Side. It can be validation for anyone grieving a loved one who has passed. This afterlife explains that someone is gone, but very much alive in a different place or energetic form. This is a concept that has been embraced by most religions of the world for centuries. Yeah. Let’s start there.

Modern humans have occupied the earth for approximately 200,000 years. Civilized and educated cultures have been around for a brief few thousand years. We are a mere moment in time on a planet that is 4.5 billion years old. Despite our impressive rise to stardom as a species, it might be a bit presumptuous (arrogant) on our part to assume that we have figured it all out.

We can’t hear dog whistles. Gamma, ultraviolet and infrared radiation spectrums are all invisible to us. Radio waves constantly and imperceptibly pass through our homes bringing us television, mobile communications and of course, radio. These are the signals, frequencies and waves of energy called electromagnetic radiation and acoustical waves that we have discovered despite the fact that our senses do not detect them. Do you ever wonder if we have we discovered – or acknowledge – all forms of imperceptible energy? Do our energetic feelings have a spectrum with imperceptible ranges as well? Quantum physics indicates, yes, it is very possible.

When driven down to its smallest particles, nothing in the universe is solid. Everything is composed of energy. This is the world of quantum physics and quantum mechanics and is widely accepted and explained by scientists like Neils Bohr, the Nobel Prize winning Danish physicist who made huge contributions to the quantum theory. And where matter has its limitations, energy is boundless.

Everything that exists in nature – leaves, grass, wind, sound, color, your dog, oxygen, thoughts, emotions, your car, your body, stars – it all exists as a result of this very same energy. Energy = Everything. Think of all things – seen and unseen – as a vibrating mass of pure energy that is intrinsically interconnected to everything else. We are part of everything. Science says so.

Most of us have pondered heaven at some time. If you haven’t, one glance at a stunning image of the universe from the world’s most powerful telescope, ALMA (the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array. Go ahead. Google it) will jump-start your imagination. What else is out there? Who else is out there? Is anyone listening? Does heaven exist? Where do we go after we die?

We have probably all attempted to measure our knowledge against the possibility of the presence of things we cannot fully perceive, or things that we cannot explain, like heaven or contact with spirits or ghosts. For years I simply “logic-ed” it away. Lately that option seems to have been robbed from me as I am now consumed by the enormity of daily miracles around me. These were once just circumstances that I could dismiss as coincidence or ignore altogether. Now BOOM. Everything feels different. It is all confoundedly and fabulously miraculous. Sometimes I become so overwhelmed and joyful that I weep. The world may think I am nutty, but the Universe is smiling at me as all my circumstances align to provide me with the best experiences and things that I need. Buh-bye traditional logic.

Although we are steered as children to follow our elder teachings, within all of us is the power to eventually choose what we believe. And within that choice to believe lies the power to achieve whatever we set out to do. Science says that my thoughts drive my reality. So here I am with that knowledge…and trying to ignite the highest and best use of that information. We can look at it another way.

We all experience déjà vu or felt something instinctive in our gut. That sixth sense or intuition that tells you that something is not right, or that somebody is watching you, or that something bad is about to happen. Hunters hone and routinely rely on this type of “sensing” of their environment. They become skilled at heightening their senses. They have elevated their listening skills and understanding of natural clues about their environment and their prey. Imagine if we can all tap into that superpower all the time.

Many people believe that spirits can communicate with us and they do it on a regular basis. A medium is someone who provides people access to that communication. Mediums have honed their listening and understanding of the spirit world. Just like tuning into a radio station, sometimes perceiving things we can't typically see, hear or feel is a matter of dialing in our senses to the right frequency. Called clairsentience, this is a heightened form of empathic energy. It is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others. Most people have this ability and do not realize it. If you have ever had a "gut feeling" good or bad when you meet someone, when you walk into a building, or a home, then you have experienced clairsentience and possess the ability to some extent. This is an energetic operating system that we are born with and can develop.

Imagine if there are millions or more spirits trying to get messages to people that they were once in proximity in their mortal life, and we are not receptive to these messages. There could be an enormous amount of pent-up demand of spirit energy that is trying to get through, and cannot because there are so few true mediums and so many of us who are unable to receive or who are outright nonbelievers. Imagine a world where we are all mediums and it is normal and expected to be in constant communication with spirits. Imagine that we routinely ask them to guide us and protect us.

A medium’s job is simply to allow information to flow. They hear noise, voices or information; sometimes they see individuals or letters or color. There are times when they can feel things in the gut or heart, and can smell cigarette, perfume or smoke from a fire.

Since mediums are only passive receivers of information, they cannot guarantee who is going to come through. They have no ability to control what is passed, and also cannot control when any information comes through. Instances of persistent messages from a spirit can haunt mediums for days, weeks or months. So while most of us do not know how to tap into this energetic communication, a medium is an open channel that is sometimes bombarded with spirit information.

The abyss of the unknown looms ever larger as I age. I am closer to death myself and have now experienced the loss of several family members and friends. Are any of them trying to reach me? To guide me? To help me? Will I be able to help the ones I love when I pass on? It rattles me and makes me re-evaluate the logic that had been driving my reality for most of my life.

Math + Science = Miniscule Fraction of Knowledge

My old beliefs now seems weak and shallow in conception. There is much more that I will never grasp or comprehend. But I can open my mind and – more importantly – my heart to the wonder of the possibilities of it all, and maybe someday science and math will catch up with it all and be able to postulate a solid theory to explain all things. Mathematical and scientific understanding have ALWAYS lagged behind reality. My conclusion is that it might be wise to continue to view all things with wonder and to never stop believing in the possibility of everything just because the math and science cannot capture it (yet).  

For now, we can turn to mediums and others who can channel energetic information. People who typically seek guidance from mediums are grieving parents who long to know that their child who has passed is in a better place. Others are children who long to connect with a parent who has passed. I am told that the spirits that answer them want to put them at ease. I will believe that. They are all simply acting through love. Perhaps love is the energy that bridges the divide between the living and those who have passed. After all, love is a very powerful energy that we all feel, and the very best thing that we do.