Today's Forecast

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

What a great day! The weather is going to cooperate with our intended motivation today. The feeling that we are trying to generate within our own minds will be replicated on the all too real canvas of life around us today. Bright sunny skies for our eyes. Enveloping and embracing warmth for our faces and skin. So much possibility and optimism for this day is created by this welcoming environment. Remember this feeling today. What if it was possible to generate this feeling regardless of the environment around us? Regardless of the forecast. What if it was possible to generate warmth and optimism from within? What if we could create a bright sunny sky to see when our eyes are closed? We can. Choose to seek sources of daily motivation. Force your mind through a funnel that only leaves room for optimism and possibility in your thoughts. There is no room for negativity on your internal canvas. How can these thoughts be so important? How can my thoughts be more real than the very real sun I see? It is the feelings you generate with these thoughts that is real .It is the energy that you create with these thoughts that is very real. We are in charge of our own optimism and enthusiasm. We can choose to build up our own energy from within. This energy can’t be turned off by clouds. This energy can’t be extinguished by the rain. We can paint our own canvas that will always make today’s forecast clear and sunny skies.