Lady Macbeth

Manipulative, Cruel, and Secretive.

Over the course of the Act, we expected her to be a loving wife, since her husband Macbeth is well known for how good and honest he is, but that isn't the case. She immediately went power crazy, saying how Macbeth is too kind and feminine to take what he wants, so it is up to her to do it. Lady Macbeth decided to coerce her husband into b the king so that he may take the crown forcefully. She planned to kill him as he slept, either stabbing with a dagger or poisoning his drink while King Duncan stayed at their home. She became more an more twisted, calling her husband a women and saying he wasn't a man, that rather than break her promise to him she would have taken the baby she was breastfeeding, with it smiling in her face, gashed it's brains out. Lady Macbeth also convinced her husband to stop worrying, she'll take care of everything, he just needs to be the face of innocence. Not only did she corrupt Macbeth, but she asked the gods to fill her with cruelty, unsex her(Make her a man), and told the stars to remain black so that no one would see her deep and most dark desires as she planned the assassination of a beloved and generous king.

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