Stephen Hilding

This is my lovely fiancé (of 3 weeks), Annie.

Hello everyone, I am Stephen Hilding, an Mdiv. middler at Luther this year. I am originally from Hudson, WI where I attended Bethel Lutheran Church.

While growing up in Hudson, I was very active within the church. My mother worked for Bethel as the youth ministry coordinator, needless to say, I went on all of the church trips. I was particularly involved in a youth led, music based worship service called Vespers. For approximately four years I organized a team of musicians, picked out music, wrote prayers, organized scripture and led rehearsals for the service. I have included a picture of part of the team during an outdoor service in downtown Hudson, WI. My spiritual journey throughout my time at Bethel was extremely formative in my sense of call and decision to pursue ministry.

After high school, I attended Gustavus Adolphus College, where I studied music. I was fully expecting to become a music teacher, but felt a different calling after four of my friends passed away (in unrelated events) in the span of a month. That month was devastating, there is no way around it. In the midst of these times, I found it remarkable to observe the way in which Our God works in and through times of brokenness. While in college, I was very active in a student led organization called Proclaim. Proclaim was a worship experience much like Vespers.

Currently I work for Rosemount United Methodist Church, in Rosemount MN. I am blessed to work with a wonderful staff who has been instrumental in my continued sense of call. I work primarily with music for a service called the Gathering, which is an attempt at "woven" worship.  I have included a link of our teams rendition of a song entitled, "Beautiful Things" written by Michael and Lisa Gungor.

I greatly look forward to working with and learning from each of you as we continue to discern our callings and become more effective leaders!

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3 years ago

Stephen, Thanks for sharing, I am truly touched by your story. I am sad to hear of all that grief at once. I've lost a few people over the past few years and that was hard. On a lighter note, I love Vespers and am also a musician... I pray blessing over you and your fiance; marriage is an amazing journey and commitment. It's challenging, liberating, life-giving, and pushes us beyond all previous bounds to give sacrificially and become more like Christ for each other and the world.