Career Research Project
Bank Teller
By: Nik Floyd

Career Requirements

  • Necessary job skills:
  • Two year college course,
  • High School Diploma,
  • need to be certified


Minimum for entry: High school diploma and on the job training

Skills needed: Math, accounting, Bookkeeping, accounting

College for Career

Black Hawk College has a great program for training in Bank Telling . The program was made by Edcomm and has been tested for 22 years. The duration of the online course is a 3 month semester. You can go and complete it when ever you want.  The course fee is 595 dollars.

Inspiration for Career

The words I live by is that "The time that you are on this Earth does not define, you its what you do that defines you."

My Role Model

My role model is my scoutmaster, Bruce Godwin. He has taught me everything I know to organization skills to how turn over a canoe  if it flips. He teaches the cub scouts everything they need to be a boy scout and guides the boy scouts to become eagles. He is the best father figure I have.


"The career tasks consist of setting up the cash drawer,counting cash,taking deposits  and making withdrawals . They also file deposits slips with other paperwork,sort checks.handle correspondence and balance accounts. They might need to be proficient with spreadsheets and online teller systems"( 1).