I Survived

Lauren Tarish

I am reading I Survived The Japanese Tsunami. What I think will happen next is there will be another tsunami and it is going to be worse than the first one. I think it`s going to happen because the first tsunami didn`t last long and it seems like there would be another one because it would be more interesting.

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3 years ago

Hi, J--This is an interesting prediction. There usually is more than one wave that his when a tsunami strikes. What happened to your character in the book when the first one hit? Does he/she think that another wave is coming? How is he/she surviving? When you do the first post on a book, you need to name and describe the main characters, the setting, and the problem he/she is facing. (This problem is pretty obvious, though the details would make it more specific. Ex. Where is your character? Who is he with? How is he surviving so far?)