Swindle 5 Objects Book Report By: Gordan Korman

original book cover

Object 1: Baseball Card

In this book, Griffin Bing, the main character, and his friend, Ben Slovak find a Babe Ruth baseball card.  They found the card in the old, vacant Rockford house which is about to be demolished by the local government for land use.  S. Wendell, nicknamed Swindle, is the villain in the book.  Swindle tricks Griffin and Ben into thinking the baseball card is not worth much money because Swindle claims it is a fake.   Griffin and Ben allow Swindle to buy the baseball for $120.  Swindle then develops a plan to go to an auction house in order to sell the baseball card.  The auction house and Swindle agree to  start the opening bid at $200,000.   This causes Griffin and Ben to plan to rob Swindle and get their card back.  

Object 2:  Hockey Stick

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