Peter Weston Miller

son, partner, jesus-follower, story-lover

Hey folks! I'm Peter. I am currently a senior in the Master's of Divinity program at Luther Seminary. I came to Luther after attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and Augsburg College, finishing with a degree in English Literature, Language, and Theory. I now live on the Eastside of the St. Paul and have loved being back in the Twin Cities (I grew up in the Longfellow neighborhood of South Mpls. before moving to the Owatonna area, then the Rochester area). My passion for ministry is stirred by a love of people's stories and retelling the surprising, transformative moments of grace that inform our experience of God and bind our narrative to God's.

Throughout college, I was really skeptical of technology (I refused to have a cell phone--which really upset my community organizing peers) and the rapidly changing ways that people were communicating. Though the technology that people were using was smarter, the way people interacted with it was not. As consumer mobile platforms grew (and pretty much everything else digital), it didn't seem like anyone was actually really stopping to think about the unforeseen implications and laws, privacy, meaning, etiquette, and complex relational interactions that went along with it.

In a lot of ways, I am still pretty skeptical, but have also experienced how digital media and culture has developed into new creative and unprecedented landscapes--digital storytelling with youth, instant communication in sermons, interactive web space for prayers and support resources. At any rate, we are here now. So I want to be able to utilize as much as possible the tools at our disposal at the intersection of meaning-making, belonging, accompaniment and christian education.

Among other churchy things, I play as much basketball as my spouse will let me (it's a healthy obsession), listen to a lot of N/MPR and as much local music as possible, advocate with some stellar students around Divestment at Luther, eat wonderful home-cooked meals with friends, take walks around Lake Phalen with our little Terrier Laney, try to care for our four chickens, and like to relax with a strong cup of Love Buzz Equal Exchange or a glass of Surly.

I also work at the Luther Office of Technology Help Desk (as Mary mentioned in her First-Week video).

Oh, and we're pregnant. December 21st here we come. Whew.


I believe students have a lot of power.
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