Gender Equality - Women Are Company Executives

The gender equality movement is soaring through the United States and many parts of the world, allowing women far and wide to join the workforce, and strengthen their rights as citizens that were unavailable to them before. But now as the challenge to sustain these rights increases with growing economic tensions, the purpose of these gender battles is no longer about holding jobs, but in fighting for leadership positions. While not impossible, this feat is hard to come by, and takes diligence, hard work, and knowing the right people to pursue the position as an executive for a company.

The story of Oprah Winfrey and her success is very well known, and it is one that she has held for quite some time, but for the rest of the women out there, the challenge is a little bit tougher working their way towards the top. Especially in a male-dominated workplace, the small bits of social corruption in the hierarchy is hard to beat, and sometimes becomes discouraging when those less deserving receive promotions. However, for one woman, she created essential pieces to a company and sold her way to the top as a CFO.

Tracy Bannon, the CFO of SkinSafe, began her career as a door to door salesman, but 20 years later is now a company executive! How did she manage to fight her way to the top of the food chain? Her experience with marketing that she gained from the first company she worked for taught her how to build multi-level marketing companies, a method that uses salesman to both sell products and recruit salesman. With this, she presented the company she worked for with an offer that they could not refuse, bringing her up to the Executive Board with little trouble.

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