Fashion Tips - How To Tie The Perfect Scarf Drape For Big Bust

A question posed by many women out there –

“Large breasts and scarves just don’t seem to go together.. Is there any way to make the scarf lay right?”

Scarves are for every women.. the perfect accessory to style up just about any outfit, whether casual or formal. But there are times when even the best drapes don’t look as they should. This is a problem commonly faced by large breasted women. The issue isn’t with your body shape my dear.. It’s in the choice of scarf and drape that you are making. Want to know how to tie the perfect scarf drape for a bigger busted body? Here are a few pointers that will help you out.

Look at the size

Understand that if you have a fuller chest, you will have to pay more attention to the size of the scarf as well. More bulky styles will only add volume to your chest area which will not go will all your styles. This is even more important if you have a shorter neck or voluminous long hair. But then you really cannot go for a teeny silk scarf that will look completely lost on you. Mix and match with medium sized scarves and try to find the ones that suit your unique body shape better. Then only will your scarf drape look perfect.

Avoid bulk

Visit one of those trendy accessory shops and you will be faced with scarves that are good enough to pass as winter blankets. No matter what the size of your breasts, these overly bulky scarves are a strict NO-NO. Unless you are planning to make your head and chest appear as one, steer clear of these varieties. There is simply no way you can drape these around your neck and manage to pull off a fashionable took. Let them be used as shawls and shrugs only.


One way to tie the perfect scarf drape for a bigger busted body is to keep the scarf as well as jewellery above the bustline. A long necklace can bounce off the bust as you walk, and a long scarf can drape awkwardly. You will need to understand how the scarf will interact with the rest of your outfit, how will the material work with each other and how will the scarf lay on your chest. Again, make sure that your head, neck and bust don’t begin to appear as one as a result of your scarf drape. If you wear your scarf long, create a drape or use a tie that feels more familiar with your own signature style.

Don’t go for infinity scarves

Scarves with two ends are easier to tie and drape creatively around your neck. You can create many different styles from them. Infinity scarves, on the other hand, can only be draped once or twice around your neck and that’s it. Again, the adding of the bulk around your neck.. Avoid this variety completely.

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