Don't F.A.R.C. with F.A.R.C

What is the revolutionary armed forces of Colombia?

F.A.R.C. or The Revolutionary Armed Forces Of Columbia is a group that was established in Columbia as a run off of the liberal side of the Colombian political spectrum.  

Who Are They?

F.A.R.C. is comprised of Colombian liberals who emerged during the violent period in Colombian history known as "La Violencia".

What's Their Purpose?

The Goal of F.A.R.C. or at least the goal when they began was to fight Colombian Conservative lead government. They are a group based on economic self management and military self defense.

How Many Are There?

F.A.R.C. has gone up and down when it comes to the number of people on the organization. The lowest point was in 1982 with only 3,000 members and reached its peak in 2002 with 18,000. The last count in 2011 stats that there were 8,000 members.  

When Did They Start?

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia was founded May 27th 1964 shortly following the "La Violencia" period.

What Damage Have They Done?

The last major offensive attack by the F.A.R.C. was in 2010 during the election of their new president Juan Manuel Santos. before the election there was a military raid on the F.A.R.C. that killed one of there senior military officers Victor Julio Suarez Rojas.

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