My Magic Door Dylan

I think that my magic door would take me to a secret snowy island in some completely other universe. The people there can speak english but with some strange french type accent. A huge town will be there except, there are also mighty wizards which can burn or freeze your land. Thankfully the town my door goes to has a forcefield to protect it from the greedy goblins and destructive dragons. I could make a living there as a farmer and I could spend my life there.

When I grow up I could go out into the wilderness and fight for the villagers. Go and find new unprotected villages and fight for them for money. Help construct a force field for them just like my home village. I would be the villagers’ best friends because I could go back to Earth and get things for the villagers they don’t already have to help them out; and make their lifestyle overall better. Then when my time is done in the village and they no longer need me I can leave them knowing that they are protected from the dangerous things out there.

-By Dylan

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