Chinese Empire

Sui, Tang, and Song

Above is a map of the Sui, Tang and Song dynasties  

Sui Dynasty

Wendi was a northern ruler who reformed China and created the Sui Dynasty out of that. He built a centralized government. He accomplished many other things in his rule like restoring order, creating a new legal code, and reforming the bureaucracy. The Grand Canal was the greatest accomplishment in the Sui Dynasty, this canal was a 1,000 miles long waterway that linked the norther and southern part of China together. This waterway made it easier for the northern part of China to have access to the resources in the south, like the rice they grew. The dynasty ended in 618 when an official assassinated Yan Di, Weni's son, and the Sui dynasty ended.

Tang Dynasty

The Tang dynasty was founded by a Sui general who took power. The dynasty lasted from 618-907 and the Tang government and other institutions served as models across East Asia. They had a strong government because they got talented officials by having people take an exam to work in government.They reigned the western lands in Central Asia and gained influence over Korea and other neighboring states. Taizon ruled in China and he was one of the most admired emperors. He had schools built so that kids could prepare for the civil service exam. When he died the new ruler, Wu Zhao, was weak. After him though the dynast reached its height under Xuanzong. The dynasty was doing extremely well under his rule until 907 when a powerful general killed the emperor and the Tang dynasty ended.

Song Dynasty

The Song dynasty had restored the centralized government control, but to manage the empire they enlarged the government bureaucracy. They reformed the civil service exam so the talented people ran the government. The exam was really hard to pass, but if you do pass it you became a scholar-offcial. They had fantastic art like paintings, clay pottery, porcelain (like china), and pagoda. They also had great literature like poetry. The Song dynasty invented  gunpowder, but they used it mainly for fireworks. They also had a magnetic compass so that sailors could be more accurate when the determine the direction and be able to navigate easier. They also invented woodblock printing, a form of writing, and then moved to the movable type.

Below if a video of the Sui Dynasty