National Museum of American History

There are three floors to this museum, each containing two wings, east and west, each wing is marked by a significant attraction to highlight the theme of that wing.

The exhibits in the East Wing of the first floor feature transportation and technology.

The first-floor exhibits in the West Wing address science and innovation.

The exhibitions in the east wing of the second floor consider American ideals and include the Albert Small Documents Gallery featuring rotating exhibitions.

Located in the center of the second floor is the original Star Spangled Banner Flag which inspired Francis Scott Key's poem.

The exhibitions in the west wing of the second floor are focused on American lives.

Exhibits in the east wing of the third floor are focused on the United States at war.

The center of the third floor presents The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden, which explores the personal and public lives of the men who have held that office.

The third-floor west wing has exhibits that feature entertainment, sports and music.

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