Traveling to Canada

Canada is a great place to visit because of the multiculturalism- the country accepts many cultures and backgrounds.

It is also a great place for refugees- people who are trying to find a new home away from war and discrimination.

Canada's exports are also a major part of their economy. Exports are the goods that Canada sells to other countries.  Some examples are wood, and paper products, fuel, wheat and oil.

Another positive thing about Canada is their transportation corridors- paths that make transportation easier for everyone.

Canada's legislature is called Parliament. It is made up of two parts, the House of Commons and the Senate.

Many Canadians are bilingual which shows how diverse the cultures there are. Bilingual means you can speak two languages.

Pierre Trudeau is a very important Prime Minister in Canada's history. He started the Charter of Rights. It granted freedom of speech and freedom of religion and many other things.

Immigrants will always feel welcome in Canada because of the nation's national  identity- the sense of being a whole, connected country who preserves their culture.

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