Job opening - Physical Therapist

           looking for a educated physical therapist to fill a new opening.

  • Annual average salary of  $38.96 hourly, $81,030 annual.
  • Some attributes you will have to have are patience and those type of things
  • You have to have basic skills like

    comprehending and analyzing
  • A minimum education level of 2 years in a college.
  • Your'e interests can include help rehabing injuries and helping elderly patients stay healthy.
  • The working conditions are Critical Thinking, Problem Sensitivity
  • Some activities will include Perform an exam on the person, and plan activities to make them better
  •   A working value of this job is Social occupations
  • Some prior jobs that are similar to this job are Occupational therapy. nursing instructor
  • The growth potential of this job is high, they predict the outlook of this career is Much faster than average (22% or higher)
  • If you are interested in this job contact us at 865-640-1421

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