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They will sometimes be better for you to work with rather than a customs broker. This would most oftenbe the case once you move into shipping by sea freight. In many cases you will find that freightforwarders can obtain better rates for shipment by air than either you or your supplier could negotiate.Freight forwarders can organize the shipment from your supplier to you, and they handle all theprocedures including customs clearance for you. Their work can end at the warehouse in your homeport, or when the shipment is delivered to your xidio video templates review, depending on the arrangement you have with them.They can become responsible for your shipment at any stage, but usually it would be either at thesupplier’s factory loading dock (if the order specifies EXW), or more usually at the shipping port ofdeparture, such as Shanghai or Hong Kong, (if the order specifies FOB.) See 33.8 and 33.9 for meaningof these terms and also the special warning in 33.9 relating to FOB. That warning is very important.

3.5 Finding a Freight Forwarder.If you decide that you want to have a freight forwarder organize your shipping, it would be advisable tomake sure they have customs brokers in-house. When choosing a freight forwarder, be sure to select onethat handles international shipments on a regular basis. There are some smaller businesses that mostlyhandle national freight and sometimes deal also with shipments from only one or two countries.

It is not necessary to have a freight forwarder that has an office in or near your xidio video templates reviewbut that can behelpful. To find freight forwarders in any country, you will find a worldwide directory at

http://www.freightnet.com/directory/p1/cont/s30.htm.If you prefer to use a small to medium forwarder, you can find a listing covering many countries at

http://www.effa.com/.If you intend using the services of a freight forwarder you should give the forwarder all the details ofyour shipment as early as possible, and certainly before you finalize the order with your supplier.Always provide every possible detail.The minimum details they will want from you are:

 Description of the goods.

 Type of Packaging.

 Number of packages.

 Dimensions of packages.

 Total weight of the consignment.

 Place of shipment. (Pick up point.)

 Place of delivery. (I strongly recommend that should be your warehouse or home address if youstore the goods there.)

 Expected date the consignment will be available.

3.6 Pickup from airport or sea port?I have often been asked about picking up from the port rather than pay for the forwarder to handle thedelivery to your premises. It is definitely possible but I would not recommend it. If picking up from anairport you may spend as much as two or three hours, but if the goods are arriving by sea, the pickupprocess could take you all day and sometimes you may even have to return the next day.The main reason is that "outsiders" are not usually treated well by port workers and you may bedeliberately subjected to unnecessary delays. Often you may see vehicles arriving long after your arrivaland leaving with a load on board long before you are attended to.I would leave it to the forwarder to arrange delivery to your premises. The extra cost will possibly saveyou hours of valuable time. I strongly recommend that you always ask for quotes to be door to door andthey must include customs clearance work.

3.7 Locating a freight forwarder that can consolidate your purchases from multiple

suppliers in China.

Unless you use the services of a freight forwarder that can consolidate your orders into one xidio video templates review ,you will have no option but to have the orders from each supplier delivered individually. In practicalterms, coordinating deliveries to a central point on one day or within a couple of days will be extremelydifficult, so it will be necessary to pay storage charges until all orders have arrived for consolidation.Here are some consolidators specializing in working in China who are capable of handling freight toyour destination. They do not need to be based in China, your own country, or the destination country,but I have noted where their head office is.You can find many others in other countries who are able to do this work also. Just do a Google searchfor Freight Consolidators. Check that they can receive your parcels in China.



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